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"Because I'm a believer in keeping my kids busy, I put Brice in basketball lessons with Marion. He didn't ask for it, wasn't a fan of the game. Actually, he'd never played before. Yes, 13 years old and never played a real game of basketball. He's always loved football, and still does. Probably always will. Funny thing is, after working with Marion, he's learned so much so fast that he loves basketball now, too. There arent a lot of real skill learning opportunities in our area; some camps here or there, but year round deep skill development opportunities in this area are rare. It's hard to show in the video how far he's come, it really is. He went from a kid that couldn't dribble and walk at the same time to a pretty solid ball handler. He has a lot to learn still, of course, but for that we have Marion :) Thank you, Marion, thanks for being so good to Brice. " ~ K. Carey, Franklin County

“Coach Marion has definitely made a positive impact on Natalee's basketball skills. We have seen tremendous growth in her abilities as well as her confidence since beginning with Ni-eMa Sports. The specific techniques she uses during sessions have improved Natalee's eye hand coordination and her agility. She is now more confident in her ball handling. Coach Marion allows you to request certain areas of concentration. The environment is fun yet professional.”

~ R. Goff, Franklin County

“We are so grateful to have found Ni-Ema Sports! My son has grown so much in both skill and confidence since starting these lessons. Thank you, Coach Marion, for being so invested in each individual students' success!!”

~B. Phillips, Hart County

"Thanks for helping JC develop his skills and gain the confidence to compete at the next level! See you soon for Pre-Season workouts!"        ~ J. Reno, Hart County